Back in the Zone: What to expect in SB19’s biggest concert yet



SB19 is looking forward to entertain their fans, also known as the A’TINs, in their upcoming virtual concert Back in the Zone on August 1.

The group’s members Josh, Ken, Pablo, Justin and Stell promise exciting performances, collaborations, as well as special numbers and solos.

“Related sa song namin na What? that we want to show our individuality… to show something new din,” shared Justin, hinting that they will deviate from their usual group performances.

The group declared that everything they’ve done so far is for their fans and so it’s not a surprise that a song number will also be dedicated to them. 

“Itong Back in the Zone namin, gusto talaga namin ibalik lahat ng pasasalamat at suporta sa mga tao, kaya ifu-full blown na rin namin lahat ng performances namin,” Stell said.

“Sa lahat ng kanta, sa bawat kanta, para kang manunuod ng movie, in a way… Since virtual nga, we made sure na talagang masa-satisfy both visual and hearing senses po,” Pablo added. 

They are known to be very hands-on in their music, from writing songs to directing music videos, and more so in this concert. 

With proper time management and scheduling, the SB19 was able to prepare for both their new mini-album, Pagsibol, and their concert.

“To be honest, let’s say 70, 80 percent po talaga parang kami din yung nag-prepare for the concert… with the help of the professionals,” Josh proudly said, crediting Justin’s hands-on participation in the stage production. 

Although group member Pablo lamented that it would have been better to see the concert off-site, the two-year-old group also listed the upsides of the virtual concert, such as it being accessible wherever the A’TINs are. 

Compared to their previous concerts, Back in the Zone is different, from their wardrobes to the song line-up itself.  

“Pero ngayon po parang fresh po talaga yung feeling at mas marami po kayong mae-expect na performances,” said Ken, suggesting that there are about 16 stages in the concert.

Soloist Alex Bruce and all-sisters group 4th Impact were already announced as guests in the said concert. 

Back in the Zone, which was originally set for July 18, but was postponed to August 1 due to health safety issues, will run from 7:30 p.m. this Sunday via, where tickets are also sold.

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