Donnalyn Bartolome on bad experience lending money: ‘Utang na 1M, gone just like that’



YouTuber Donnalyn Bartolome shared her bad experience with someone who had used her name to solicit money from other people.

“This guy is not the only one na nakautang sa akin but he is using my name to fool people into lending him money,” she warned in a Facebook post.

She emphasized she was posting it so others wouldn’t fall victim to the solicitation.

“I’m posting to say nagkamali ako. ‘Wag kayo paloko,” she wrote.

In the series of private conversations Donnalyn posted, the guy, whose identity was censored, asked the vlogger to lend him P1 million pesos for a car he was eyeing.

The money was allegedly supposed to be used as a “show money.”

“[N]eed ko kasi mag show money tom para dun sa kukuhain kong sasakyan… ishoshow money lang siya need ko kasi ng at least 6 to 6m sa bank e kulang ako,” the man wrote in the chat.

After several identity verifications such as an ID picture and video calling for safety, the vlogger agreed to lend the man the money given that the other party will sign a loan agreement.

He also claimed that he could return the money the next day.

However, after the money was transferred, it was withdrawn and the man supposedly did not get the car he wanted. He then vowed to return the money immediately.

A few days after, the man messaged Donnalyn again to say that his money, including the money lent by Donnalyn, was gone.

“Natangay yung pera ko idol halos 4 million nasama yung pinahiram mo sakin idol sobrang sorry,” he wrote a week after he was lent the money.

“Di mo naiintindihan, hindi lang naman 1 million ang kinuha mo at di mo binalik. Kinuha mo tiwala ko, boy. Alam mo ba kung gaano kalaki halaga nun?” Donnalyn wrote.

The man apologized and said that he’ll find a way to return the money.

“If that’s not returned to me by tomorrow you’ll hear from my lawyer,” the vlogger threatened.

After the turn of events, Donnalyn also grew suspicious of why the money was withdrawn if it was going for show money only.

As of writing, the man allegedly had P400,000 but has not yet sent it to Donnalyn’s bank account eight days since their negotiation.

“To everyone I trusted, whether it’s hundreds of thousands or millions pa yan – the amount you will lose is far worth more than all the money in the world and that is my Trust,” the vlogger said at the end of her post.

Check the entire conversations below:
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