Kris Bernal falls victim to fake delivery bookings


Kris Bernal took to social media to share that she fell victim to a fake delivery booking scheme.  

The actress-entrepreneur revealed that a certain Jen Jen Manalo made a total of 23 fake Grab Food deliveries and had them sent to her home.  

In several Instagram posts, Kris chronicled the experience with videos of the many drivers who arrived at her home.  

In one of the videos, one rider spoke to Jen Jen in behalf of the riders who fell victim to the fake booking scheme.  

“Grabe ka naman, ma’am. Kawawa yung mga rider dito,” the rider said in the phone call.  

In the caption of her posts, Kris stressed that the delivery riders are also victims of the scheme. 

“I’m not the only victim here but also the GRAB RIDERS na nag-seserbisyo lamang and went all the way here to deliver several orders. I really feel bad for the riders’ efforts. This thing has been prevalent lately,” she wrote.

The 32-year-old opened up that she’s saddened by the situation that has also deceived riders who were just doing their jobs.  

She shared: “I neither have enemies nor did I offend someone. I have no idea who did this and I can’t remember any incident that triggered this to happen.”

In an update post, Kris said the scammer was also pretending to be her assistant and even asked small businesses she has promoted for free items.
Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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