From this to…this! Awesome ways to upcycle the BTSxMcdo Meal packaging



It’s been almost a month since the famous K-pop boy group BTS released its collaboration with international fastfood chain McDonalds, called the BTS Meal.

With the group’s signature logo and decorative pattern, some fans or ARMYs have found ways to store and upcycle the packaging to preserve the wraps.

Here are some of the most creative ways to reimagine the package. You could also try it on your own!

If you’re up for the challenge from the get-go, look at these upcycled bags where the packaging of the meal was sewn onto.

And if you have another spare bag you wouldn’t mind experimenting with, you can also try this!

By far, this is one of the simplest and easiest ideas out there, especially if you’re a bookworm.

For those of us with limited creativity, one of the most effortless and realistic ways is to make keychains.

They really maximized their resources on this one so that every wrap was utilized for something.

How many BTS Meals do you think grandma got to create this intricate dress and bag? Also, the best grandma award goes to this cute little girl’s grandma!

This will surely go nice up with your other figurines!

Peak creativity: unlocked. And if you can recreate this, good for you!

Last month BTS and the fast-food chain partnered to release the limited-edition BTS Meal, which included:

● 10-piece Chicken McNuggets

● Medium World Famous Fries

● Medium Coca-Cola

● Sweet Chili and Cajun dipping sauces inspired from the fast-food chain’s South Korea franchise.

How did YOU upcycle your BTS Meal wraps?

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