Alex Gonzaga earns YouTube’s Diamond Play Button


For having over 10 million subscribers on YouTube, Alex Gonzaga received the Diamond Play Button, which she later tried to pawn out of curiosity.

In her latest fun-filled vlog, Catherine “Alex” Gonzaga-Morada, better known as Alex Gonzaga, unboxed her Diamond Play Button, the highest award of the three YouTube creator awards.

“Tara na! Sasangla na ‘tin ‘to, titingnan natin kung magkano ‘to,” the actress-vlogger said after unboxing the button.

In the jewelry store which Alex frequents, the staff declared it as a “fake diamond.” When the TV host tried to pawn it instead, the local pawnshop also couldn’t get an appraisal on the button.

In the end, Alex teased that the pawnshop did not appraise the item because it’s priceless.

“Priceless yan, netizens, dahil ‘yan nakuha na‘tin ‘yan together, kaya hindi nila (the pawnshop) kukunin,” she said.

In the same vlog, Alex thanked and dedicated the award to netizens for supporting the past four years of her vlogging experience.

“Ako ay nagpapasalamat sa inyong lahat, magmula sa start hanggang ngayon, ay nanonood pa rin at naka-suporta pa rin sa atin,” the actress and tv host said. “Thank you so much, netizens para sa ‘ting lahat to, kasi kung wala kayo, wala ‘to.”

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