Sharon Cuneta denies accident rumors



Singer and actress Sharon Cuneta took to social media to clarify rumors of an “accident” in the United States. 

In an Instagram video posted on the night of June 24 in the US (June 25 Philippine time), the actress calmly addressed the issue and reassured fans that they’re safe and sound in their hotel room. 

“Yung team ko po ay nagpapanic dahil may balita raw po diyan na kami ay na-aksidente. I just want you to know, just in case narinig niyo po at kayo ay nag-alala. Hindi po totoo ‘yon. So please relax,” the Megastar said.

“Di ko po alam kung bakit may mga tao na wala talagang magawang mabuti,” she added and asked fans to continue praying for their safety. 

Sharon flew to Los Angeles in the US last month for her supposed first Hollywood film, which she dropped due to the “false positive” result of her COVID-19 test.

Just last week the singer had completed her COVID-19 vaccine in the US.

She has since stayed abroad to “breathe, collect myself, gain strength.”

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