Scottie Thompson’s ex-fiancée breaks her silence: ‘I am deeply hurt’



Scottie Thompson’s ex-fiancée Pauline Fajardo has broken her silence following the professional basketball player’s marriage to another woman.

In her statement on Instagram, Pauline said that she was “deeply hurt” as her relationship with Scottie ended.

“I ended a long-term relationship with the man I was ready to spend the rest of my life with. To say it has been heartbreaking is an understatement,” she said.

She shared that it has been a difficult time for her, and with this statement, she hopes to “put a stop to all the gossip” and “reclaim my private life.”

“I kept quiet not because I was insensitive or indifferent but because the issue is very much a personal matter,” Pauline said.

“As a private person, I just did not see the need to escalate the matter publicly,” she added.

The former couple got engaged on New Year’s Eve, but sports news website reported that the Ginebra star tied the knot with another woman, Jinky Serrano, in a private ceremony in Las Piñas early this month.

In a now-deleted social media post, Scottie said that he and Pauline broke up in April.

Pauline apologized to the people who got involved in the issue, saying it was never her “intention to hurt or harm anyone.”

“I’m sorry if there have been things thrown in someone’s way,” Pauline said.

“Please understand that I have no control over what people are sharing on social media on this issue,” she added.

Pauline requested everyone to refrain from doing things that may “further inflame the situation.”

She said she is now moving forward with her life and expressed her gratitude to her family, friends and supporters defending her.

Pauline appealed to her followers to focus on the continuing pandemic that is “more deserving of public attention.”

Meanwhile, some friends and TV personalities expressed their support to Pauline in the comments’ section.

Kayesha Chua, Pauline and Scottie’s friend and fiancée of professional basketball player Aljon Mariano, said, “Padaba taka ❤️ always!!”

[TRANSLATION: I love you always!!]

She also earlier spoke up about the issue.

“Be strong, Pau ❤️ you deserve so much more, praying for you ?✨,” Julia Gonowon, Miss Millennial Philippines 2017 winner, replied to the lengthy post.

Model and TV personality RR Enriquez also reacted, “I must say that you handle it in a very classy way! You are the definition of ‘The One That Got Away.’”

Pauline said that her Instagram post would be her last comment on the issue. “I kindly ask everyone to respect my decision,” she added.

As of writing, Scottie has not reacted to his ex-fiancee’s statement.

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