Manny Pacquiao supports children’s dreams except professional boxing



Senator Manny Pacquiao is supportive of his children’s career dreams but insists that he does not want his children, especially his eldest son, to follow in his footsteps as a professional boxer.

The 42-year-old senator and boxer said he preferred Emmanuel Jr., known as Jimuel, to focus more on humanitarian work rather than entering professional boxing.

“Ayoko maging boksingero siya,” Pacquiao said in an interview with the broadcast journalist Karen Davila on her YouTube channel.

“Ang gusto ko ‘yung tumulong sa mga tao. Alalahanin mong mabuti na ‘pag natapos na ‘yung buhay natin sa mundo, wala tayong madadala kahit piso,” adding that “habang nandito pa tayo, ‘pag may pera ka, may kakayahan ka to help others, then do it.”

Jimuel is currently an amateur boxer with a ring record of 4-1, but also shows an interest in showbiz.

Pacquiao said that it is on his eldest son’s decision if he will pursue the industry, reminding him that “maraming mga temptation diyan. Remember as a Christ-follower, there’s a big signboard in front of you that (says) Jesus Christ.”

The boxing icon also became host and actor, who starred in numerous films and hosted television shows.

Meanwhile, his other children showed interest in different scenes.

“Si Michael ano siya, mahilig siya sa music. Gusto niyang nagko-compose siya ng music niya, sarili niya, very creative kid. Si Princess naman, gusto niya magpastora … then gusto niya mag-medicine,” he said to Davila, who visited his house at Forbes Park.

Michael ventured into the music scene and released his debut album in 2020.

Princess says her inspiration to become a pastor is her parents. Queenie, on the other hand, remains unsure of the career she wants to pursue but shows interest in becoming a lawyer.

Manny as a disciplinarian

Pacquaio’s children consider their father their inspiration and role model and share that the senator is a disciplinarian father.

Jimuel said their father would often discipline them using the bible, while Princess said when they commit mistakes, he would tell them where they were wrong.

Pacquiao said that “Being a father, you have to establish your leadership in [your] home,” citing that discipline among his family is necessary because it is the start of being a good father.

Watch the full vlog below:

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