Coleen Garcia gushes as baby Amari calls her ‘mommy’ for the first time


Even with Father’s Day last weekend, this mom still got her win!

Coleen Garcia took to social media to happily share the most recent milestone of her and husband Billy Crawford’s baby boy Amari. 

On her Instagram, the actress shared that their son finally called her “mommy”.

“He just called me MOMMY for the first time yesterday as he was reaching out for me,” she shared.

Coleen then shared how busy life has been, especially with their little one going through many changes. 

“NGL, it’s challenging, but it’s also the best feeling ever. Especially whenever he smiles at me in the middle of playing, as though he wants to share the fun with me. I melt,” she gushed. 

The 28-year-old then said she’s “living” for this season despite having her plate full with mommy duties. 

Coleen and Billy welcomed their first child together back in September of last year.
Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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