Ellen Adarna asked if she checks Derek Ramsay’s phone


Are you the type of girlfriend who goes through your boyfriend’s phone? Here’s what Ellen Adarna has to say about it.

In her most recent Q&A session with fans via Instagram stories, the actress was asked if she checks her fiancé Derek Ramsay’s phone. 

Ellen candidly responded, “I never check his phone. I’m not an ugly, psycho b*tch.”

Known for her frank and savage answers to questions about love and life online, Ellen addressed a similar question back in January.

“Okay lang ba pakialaman ang cellphone ng boyfriend?” a netizen asked. 

To which Ellen replied that only someone who’s insecure and paranoid would look into her partner’s phone.

“Yung mga ganyan, para sa mga pangit lang iyan, mga insecure at praning. Hindi ko napagdaanan iyan. Never,” said Ellen. 

In another Q&A session with netizens in April, Ellen stressed that should Derek cheat on her, it would simply be over for their relationship.

“Gwapa ko dzai pero kung mag-binuang siya (I’m beautiful, ‘day, but if he fools around), goodbye!” she said. 

Lyka Nicart
Lyka Nicart
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