WATCH: Gerald Anderson takes long motorcycle ride to see Julia Barretto


Gerald Anderson earned major boyfriend points when he rode his motorcycle all the way to Subic, where his girlfriend Julia Barretto is currently in a locked-in taping.  

On his most recent YouTube video, the actor shared the moments from his first-ever long motorcycle ride. It seemed like he travelled from Metro Manila all the way to Subic, Zambales.  

Gerald and his friends dropped by the hotel where his girlfriend was staying at during the night. Since Julia was locked-in taping for a project, she was not able to go down to meet them.  

“This is what the virus does. The virus separates people,” Julia said from her hotel room.  

When the sun was finally out, the 32-year-old managed to visit Julia again.  

“Di ako makapunta sayo eh. Kumain ka na?” he asked. 

Julia and Gerald made their relationship public after the latter revealed in an interview that he’s happy with the actress.  

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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