Ellen Adarna warns Derek Ramsay after posting her sleeping photos


It looks like Ellen Adarna is up for some “revenge” after fiancé Derek Ramsay posted photos of her sleeping soundly inside his car. 

In an Instagram post on Thursday, Derek shared a clip of him sneakily taking a video of Ellen and her son Elias who dozed off during a road trip.

“Don’t kill me @maria.elena.adarna,” Derek told Ellen in his caption alongside the clip and photos of the mother and son. 

This made netizens laugh, saying that Derek was now in trouble after Ellen simply commented, “You wait ?.”

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The couple who celebrated their third monthsary last May 4, have been playing hilarious pranks at each other and sharing it online. 

They also recently wowed netizens with their couple yoga kiss. 

“You’re Lucky I’m naturally flexible ??,” Ellen told Derek in jest. 


Lyka Nicart
Lyka Nicart
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