Jodi Sta. Maria, Zanjoe Marudo, Sue Ramirez topbill PHL remake of Doctor Foster


Jodi Sta. Maria has been cast as the lead star of the Filipino remake of BBC’s global hit Doctor Foster, which will be known locally as The Broken Marriage Vow, ABS-CBN unveiled in a live online event called The Doctor Is In on Friday.

Jodi, whose career is marked by highly acclaimed roles across various genres, takes on another iconic character as Dra. Jill Ilustre, the Filipina counterpart of Gemma Foster. A loving wife and mother with an accomplished medical career, Jill begins to see cracks in her picture-perfect life when she discovers that her husband is having an affair with a younger woman.

Playing opposite Jodi is Zanjoe Marudo, one of the country’s most versatile actors in TV and film, who will be portraying the Pinoy Simon Foster known as David Ilustre. He may be acting like the perfect husband and father, but David is hiding a secret life from her wife — an affair that will change their family forever.

The marriage-wrecking mistress entangled in this domestic mess will be played by Sue Ramirez, who will be starring as Lexy Lucero, the Pinay Kate Parks. Young, sexy and wealthy, Lexy is used to getting what she wants and will not settle for less in love, even if it is with a married man.

Completing the main cast of The Broken Marriage Vow is Zaijian Jaranilla, who will be filling the role of Gio Ilustre, the Filipino Tom Foster. The only son of Jill and David, Gio falls victim to his parents’ emotional tug-of-war.

Concepcion Macatuno, whose body of work is known for its emphasis on empowered Filipino women, brings her directing expertise and experience to The Broken Marriage Vow about a woman who, in the face of betrayal, finds strength and courage to protect what she loves.

The Broken Marriage Vow is the sixth local adaptation of “Doctor Foster” following its adaptations in France, Russia, Turkey, India, and South Korea, whose The World of the Married would become the country’s highest rated cable TV drama.

The Broken Marriage Vow will be produced by Dreamscape Entertainment, soon on ABS-CBN platforms.


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