Bernadette Sembrano now free of COVID-19


Broadcast journalist Bernadette Sembrano felt grateful after recovering from the coronavirus disease.

In an Instagram post on Saturday, the TV Patrol anchor shared that she has “officially survived COVID-19” more than a week of self-isolation. 

Bernadette’s announcement came with a medical certificate which stated that she’s “no longer contagious no longer needs further isolation” upon being symptoms-free for three days and completing the recommended isolation period. 

She went on to express her gratitude to her doctors and those who showered her support during her bout with COVID.  

“Thanks for all the love that you sent over. Please continue to pray for each and every person afraid, afflicted, by FEAR of illness and those in a black hole because of losing a loved one,” said Bernadette. 

She also urged her followers to “live healthy,” adhere to health protocols and take the vaccine when their turn comes.  

“It’s OK to be afraid but remember MERON KAYONG MAGAGAWA to protect yourself and your loved ones. Hindi po kayo nag-iisa,” wrote Bernadette. 

In a separate post, she admitted to feeling anxious about reintegrating and resuming her everyday ife after isolating.

“To reintegrate is another moment of fear. How exactly did I feel? I was anxious to get Covid again moving away from people (as people would probably be scared of me, too). IT IS WHAT IT IS.”

Nevertheless, she realized that joy and safety can co-exist.

“Living smart does not mean you are not free. It should not be crippling.

“Yes, I believe that you can still bask in the sun, enjoy a conversation under the trees — masks on and 12 feet away, spend time with friends and family— be joyful albeit new circumstances.

“We thrive and not merely survive,” she ended.


Lyka Nicart
Lyka Nicart
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