Kris Aquino: ‘Leave my children alone and I will remain a private citizen’


Kris Aquino has strong words against those who “harass and bully” her children online.

In an Instagram post on Sunday (March 7), the veteran actress and TV host appeared to be in fighting mode as she declared that she’s tired of not minding those targeting her two sons — Joshua and Bimby.

Earlier this week, Kris was forced to address malicious rumors involving her eldest Josh. She lamented that because her 25-year-old son is in the autism spectrum, he was being made a “punching bag” on social media by people who wanted to “play dirty politics.”

She also didn’t let comments about her 13-year-old son Bimby slide.

Kris wrote, “I am not blind and I am not stupid… In a span of a week my children have been used to trigger me. Kuya Josh with zero factual basis was said to have impregnated a girl. Bimb has been repeatedly targeted with bullying because people are insisting he is gay.

“Regarding Kuya Josh, name us and show us the girl. About Bimb, he is 13 years old, I know my son doesn’t identify as being gay BUT in the event he ever does, he will still be my son. The bullying you are doing is a reflection of your homophobic attitudes that are no longer welcome in 2021.”

Kris, nevertheless, stressed that these attacks have failed to bring her down.

“What is very clear to me is that some people cannot stand the fact that despite all their efforts to bury me, I am still standing. And they must be cringing that at a time when our country is hungry and struggling, as a private citizen, I am doing my part with my hard-earned money, to share with those in need.

“You picked the wrong children to harass and bully because this mother knows your motives… What does a lioness do when her cubs are threatened? She attacks. Google and see what else she is capable of. This isn’t a threat. I am merely stating a fact.”

The former presidential daughter and sister warned that should these people whom she didn’t identify, continue to mess with her children, she will be “pushed” to take on a direction that they’re “so afraid” of.

“Leave my children alone and I will remain a private citizen. Continue messing with them then you are pushing me in the direction you are so obviously afraid I will take. That yellow brick road is starting to look very inviting now.”

In the comments section, netizens were quick to advise Kris to “take the high road,” “offer kindness” and “ignore the toxic behavior,” but a defiant Kris said, “Utang na loob — tinatapunan na ng putik ang mga anak ko, bibilhan ko pa sila ng washing machine? No way.”

She said she had previously tried to ignore the bashers but as a mother, “I had my limit.”

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