WATCH: Ivana Alawi collaborates with Donnalyn Bartolome to surprise brother Hash


Ivana Alawi had a kilig surprise for her older brother Hash by inviting his local celebrity crush Donnalyn Bartolome over to their house.

In her latest YouTube vlog, Ivana became her family’s “yaya for a day” and had to follow Hash’s list of tasks to be done.

After preparing a meal for her mom, Hash and little sister Mona, the Kapamilya actress later pretended that she needed a helping hand. 

Much to the surprise of her older brother, Ivana came back with Donnalyn and introduced her as her fellow yaya, visibly making Hash flustered and speechless.

Ivana said that fans had requested her for a collaboration with her fellow celebrity vlogger after Hash revealed in a previous vlog that he has a crush on Donnalyn.

When they met in person, Ivana asked Hash the reason why he’s crushing on Donnalyn. 

“Nagandahan ako sa’yo…Nice and down-to-earth person sa mga napapanood ko, and you seem genuine,” Hash told Donnalyn.

Hash, who couldn’t contain his kilig, got teased by his family who also explained why Donnalyn has their “approval”.

“I like Donnalyn, she’s nice,” Ivana said.

“Yeah, me too,” admitted Hash.

Watch the full video here: 

Lyka Nicart
Lyka Nicart
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