Patrick Garcia and Nikka Martinez are expecting Baby No. 4!


Actor Patrick Garcia and wife Nikka Martinez have announced that they’re expecting their fourth child.

In a YouTube vlog, the couple called their new pregnancy journey as another blessing and an answered prayer, even though it has come with some challenges.

“Siguro sa lahat ng naging pregnancies niya, feeling ko dito siya pinaka na-tsa-challenge ngayon,” said Patrick.

The celebrity vlogger mom said she’s been experiencing not just morning but whole-day sickness.

“Actually, compared to the rest (of the pregnancies), iba yung nausea ko dito. Iba yung food aversions. I’m a little bit challenged but I know, as I go further into my pregnancy, it will get better,” she shared.

Patrick said his wife’s fourth pregnancy is considered high-risk so “it’s better for us and for her to stay at home for now.”

“The doctor advised us to stay at home because there’s still a pandemic going on just to be safe and just to make sure the baby is OK,” added Nikka.

When the whole family recently went to Boracay, they already knew that she was pregnant.

“Kaya lang, we already planned Boracay before we found out so no choice kami to go to the trip,” Patrick admitted.

Nikka assured though that she didn’t have any problems during the trip but started to feel the whole-day sickness when they got back.

“It’s just a phase and it’s already better,” she added.

Patrick and Nikka wed in 2015. They have three daughters — Michelle Celeste (8), Nicola Patrice (4) and Francisca Pia (3).

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