PHL-made Christmas tree of canned sardines for charity breaks Guinness world record


A Philippine-made Christmas tree tower, which was built using canned sardines for charity, has set the new Guinness record title for world’s “tallest can structure.”

Mega Global Corporation recently broke the Guinness record by piling up a total of 70,638 red and green Mega Sardines cans to form a 5.905 meters (19 feet and 4.5 inches) high Christmas tree in Valenzuela City.

According to Guinness in an announcement last December 2, the tower was built to commemorate National Sardines Day in the Philippines last November 24.

The canned sardines were then donated to charitable organizations across the country to benefit Filipino families most-affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The project aimed to help Filipinos experiencing hardships during the pandemic,” Guinness said.

Here’s the full video of the making of the enormous Christmas tree tower as shared by the Guinness official Facebook page.

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