‘It’s painful!’: Claudine Barretto laments very public family feud


Claudine Barretto lamented how painful it is to be involved in a very public family feud.

“It’s painful, grabe,” the actress said, her voice shaking, in a DZMM Teleradyo interview after Marjorie Barretto’s tell-all interview aired over TV Patrol.

Claudine, the youngest of the Barretto siblings, has found herself on the side of her older sister Gretchen and consequently in conflict with her other sister Marjorie, following two incidents of violent confrontation at the wake of their father, Miguel Barretto, last October 16 and 17. No less than President Duterte witnessed the first incident. 

Claudine said she wanted to stay silent already but was forced to react immediately after her sister’s statements last Tuesday evening.  

She went on to defend Gretchen, saying that her older sister truly regretted not visiting their father during his weeks-long confinement in the hospital, as Marjorie questioned Claudine during her interview why she failed to convince Gretchen to do so. 

“You know, in all fairness to Gretchen, nagpakumbaba siya,” Claudine told hosts Jobert Sucaldito and Ambet Nabus. “Tama yung sinabi ni Marjorie na araw-araw nandun ako sa ICU, na ako yung nakabantay sa daddy ko, hanggang sa huling hininga niya.”

“Gretchen was thinking of going,” she stressed, “But she didn’t have the strength, the courage, to face my dad yet. And pinagsisihan niya yun.”

Gretchen was long estranged from her family before showing up at the wake of her father and reconciling with her mother Inday. 

Gretchen visiting their father’s wake was not for show, Claudine said.  

“Makikita mo naman, nagpakumbaba siya kay Mommy, lahat,” said Claudine who was the first to post a video on her Instagram of their mom and Gretchen embracing each other, even captioning it with “And we are complete.” 

“It’s so sad na kailangang may mawala para lang may makabalik.”

Claudine readily admitted that this fight has divided the family. She has not talked to any of her siblings amid the raging feud. Apart from Gretchen and Marjorie, Claudine’s other siblings are Mito, Michelle, Joaquin or JJ and Gia. 

“It’s so sad na hati kami. Divided kami. It’s so sad na napahiya na naman kami, I mean, sa harapan ng Presidente.

“Hindi na bale yun. Pero yung second night, ganun na naman yung away, worst. Parang, wala na, talagang wala nang pag-asa,” she said. 

She could only hope that after her interview, it would stop. 

“Maganda na lang yung pagkatapos nito, tama na.”

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