Sam Pinto opens up on coping with big body changes during pregnancy


Soon-to-be mom Sam Pinto spoke candidly about how much her body has changed now that she’s pregnant with her and her husband Anthony Semerad’s first child. 

On Instagram, the actress shared the stunning photos from her one-of-a-kind maternity photoshoot. In one post, she admitted how hard it was to accept that her body was changing. 

“I welcome the changes in my body. Honestly. This is one of the hardest things for me to accept.

“Cause everything is so BIG. My face, belly, feet, and yes my lips – natural filler yan girl hahaha,” she wrote. 

Sam also shared that she was spooked by horror stories about giving birth.

She advised her fellow future moms to listen to pregnancy affirmations just like she did when she would encounter these anxious feelings. 

She explained: “I listen to them everyday and just makes me feel so much calmer, happier and better.”

Check out Sam’s stunning maternity shoot snaps here:

The 31-year-old announced that she and her husband are expecting their firstborn back in May with photos of them holding out photos of their baby’s sonogram. 

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