Rocco Nacino weds Melissa Gohing aboard naval ship


Rocco Nacino has finally tied the knot with his longtime girlfriend Melissa Gohing.  

The actor made the surprising announcement with an Instagram post introducing his wife on January 22.  

“Yes… we.. did,” he wrote and included what seemed to be the date when they tied the knot, January 21.  

He then introduced the former De La Salle volleyball star as Mrs. Nacino with a photo of them showing their wedding bands.  

As their photos indicated, the two exchanged vows aboard the BRP Davao Del Sur Ld602 in Pier 13, the Philippine Navy’s strategic sea lift vessel. 

Back in September, Rocco joined the Naval Special Operations Group as an honorary member. According to a GMA report, the actor officially has four post-nominal titles attached to his name: Petty Officer 3 Enrico Raphael Quiogue Nacino, RN, MAN, NAVSOG, PN (Reserved).

Meanwhile, the newlyweds also had most of their guests attend the ceremony via conference video call.  

It was on November 20, 2020 that Rocco announced his engagement with Melissa.  

In an Instagram post, he said that asking for his girlfriend’s hand in marriage was definitely the highlight of his 2020.  

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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