Julia Barretto sorry lolo’s passing ‘turned into a circus’


Julia Barretto has bid her last goodbye to her lolo, Miguel Barretto.

Today, Julia penned an Instagram post for her lolo, whom she fondly calls Pikey. The Barretto patriarch passed away last Tuesday, October 15, at the age of 82.

“Today we said our last goodbye to our dearest Pikey. We finally put him to rest,” she began.

She said she’s sorry that what was supposed to be a solemn occasion has become a circus.

These past few days, the Barretto family feud has been grabbing headlines. The latest controversy reportedly stemmed from two incidents of confrontation between Julia’s mom Marjorie and her aunts Gretchen and Claudine, which transpired at the wake at the Heritage Memorial Park in Taguig.

Julia wrote: “Pikey, I’m sorry for how a solemn occasion and celebration of your life turned into a circus. That instead of your legacy being remembered and given attention, it created noise and more damage. This is not how it was supposed to be. I’m sorry that you watched all of this happen.”

“My dearest 9/29, the past months have been difficult, but seeing you suffer and then watching you leave us was the toughest part,” she further said, fondly calling her grandfather by his birthdate, September 29.

‘I will stand by my mom’

Without naming names, Julia alleged that she and her family are being attacked with false accusations. While she will exclude herself from a fight that’s not hers, she will stand by her mom.

“On top of that, on top of my pain and broken heart I am being attacked. Pikey, despite all these false accusations targeted at me, despite all the lies being spread about my family and me, I will remain still and keep my peace,” she said.

“I will exclude myself from a battle that is not mine, but I will still stand by my mom and will be there for her no matter what happens.”

Julia promised to concentrate on her grandfather’s legacy and the stories about him from now on.

She said, “I will focus on sharing your legacy and the beautiful stories about how great of a person you were. Since your passing, I’ve been busy with work and I will focus on that because I know that that was your doing together with the Lord God.

“The rest of my family and I will be continued to be attacked and painted as bad people, but you and God know we were there during the good and most difficult times leading up to your passing. Your legacy will live on. I will keep my peace, focus on you, my faith, and the work that I have been receiving.

“Please 9/29, please Rest In Peace.”

She ended with an appeal to the public: “I humbly ask that you please stop attacking me and my family at this most difficult time. We are all in pain and we are all still grieving our loss. Love and light to all. 9/29… signing off.”

The post came the heels of the Instagram stories of her aunt Gretchen Barretto blasting the young actress.

Julia’s post also carried several photos and a video showing her with her family plus a note to her Lolo Pikey that read: “You are my angel. Please protect me and always be with me, my mom and siblings. I love you. Always and forever. 3/10.”

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