Vice Ganda admits he once wanted to leave It’s Showtime


Vice Ganda admitted that he once wanted to leave It’s Showtime.

“After the first year, nagpaalam na ako,” he said during the noontime show’s 10th anniversary press conference.  

The comedian explained that he felt tired of having to come up with samples and “may nag text,” which is a long-running joke in the show’s early years. 

“Hindi ako sanay sa showbiz. Nabigla ako parang ang bilis ng pagababago sa buhay ko na hindi ko masabayan,” he explained.

At the time, Vice received more offers for gigs and concerts abroad, but he was unable to attend to any because ‘It’s Showtime’ required his daily appearance. 

“Di ko nakikita yung purpose ng pag Showtime ko. Akala ko raket ko lang ang pag Showtime,” he said. 

According to him, his salary at the time was P5,000 per day. Vice admitted that it wasn’t enough to get him by since he had to pay for a make-up artist, hair stylist, clothes and transportation fees. 

“Parang lugi, parang uuwi ako nang walang naiuwing sweldo,” he said.

Vice was ready to leave the show to pursue his gigs at comedy bars where he said he can better his comedic skills. 

After a month-long rest from It’s Showtime, missing his co-host Anne Curtis and a promise of a salary increase from ABS-CBN’s management, Vice decided to stay. 

“Pero ngayon nasa punto ako ng buhay ko na di ko kaya mawala sa Showtime, at hindi ko kayang mawala ang Showtime sa buhay ko. Ikamamatay ko,” he said. 

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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