Hollywood stars help find Pinay’s stolen teddy bear with dying mom’s recorded voice


A stolen teddy bear has made its way back to its Filipina owner Mara Soriano in Vancouver, Canada after getting help from the social media world, including Hollywood stars. 

For some, it may seem like an ordinary stuffed toy, but Mara holds it dear to her heart because it contains the recorded voice of her late mom who died from cancer in 2019. 

Her mom’s final message says: “Hi Ate Mara. Mahal na mahal kita — always remember that. You make mommy so proud. No matter where you are, a part of me will always be with you forever. I love you to infinity and beyond.”

On July 25, Mara shared in an Instagram post that the two last things her mom gave her — the stuffed toy and a Mickey Mouse wallet — got stolen along with other valuable items in her backpack while moving into a new apartment with her fiancé.

“PLEASE, I don’t care about the electronics, I just want my bear back (and maybe my citizenship card cause I can’t do anything without it). If you spot it anywhere, please give me a DM. Thank you,” she pleaded in the caption.

Mara’s pleas were picked up by media outlets and netizens, and even gained the attention of Hollywood celebrities such as Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds who offered a cash reward to anyone who could bring the bear back to its owner. 

Other celebrities also pitched in to help Mara bring her teddy bear back home.

The 28-year-old Fil-Canadian desperately searched for the teddy bear in the streets, putting up flyers and giving updates on Twitter. 

In a tweet, Mara said she felt humbled by the overwhelming response from people who had gone out of their way to help her find the teddy bear.

On Wednesday, CBC News reported that Mara has finally reunited with the teddy bear she endearingly calls “Mama Bear”. It was found in “perfect condition” after a good samaritan managed to take it back from the actual thief. 

An emotional Mara hugged the stuffed toy tight as her mom’s memento is finally back in her arms again. 

On Twitter, Mara updated Ryan Reynolds, “MAMABEAR IS HOME!!!”, and thanked him for his “signal boost”.

The star himself thanked everyone who “searched high and low” for Mara’s teddy bear, including the person who took it for “keeping it safe”.

Reacting to a post that showed an emotional Mara playing back her mom’s recorded message, Ryan said: “Well, I’m a complete mess now. Thank you for that.”

Lyka Nicart
Lyka Nicart
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