Dogs as stress relievers after exams


A freshman law student from Ateneo University shared a video on Instagram while attending a “paw school,” a dog therapy program initiated by the Ateneo Law Student Council last October 10, 2019.

Pia Barroso said the program serves as a breather for the law students after taking up the midterms exam.

“It’s really something you wouldn’t expect to have in law school but parang somehow, Ateneo student council knows the need of its students,” she said.

“They know na ‘di lang kami dapat puro acads, acads, acads and it’s really amazing how creative [they are] when it comes to the various classes that they offer. Something I’ll look forward to every semester,” she added.

Barroso said that students can bring their own dogs and everyone can join the class even though they are not a pet owner. 

The Anxiety Disorders Association of America recommends adopting a pet as a potential way to cope with the stressors of everyday life. Additionally, medical research also showed that being around dogs can lower blood pressure.

Janelle Lorzano
Janelle Lorzano
Janelle Lorzano likes long walks on the seaside and listening to people about their lives. When she isn't writing, she travels and discover new places.