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Catriona Gray defended by pageant sister Sandra Lemonon amid Clint Bondad’s cryptic posts

Miss Universe Philippines 2020 hopeful Sandra Lemonon is the first of Catriona Gray’s friends to speak up on the “chismis culture” amid the latter’s ex-boyfriend Clint Bondad’s controversial posts on social media. 

A fan page dedicated to the Miss Universe 2018 wrote how “disgusted” they are with the “chismis culture” in the Filipino online community. The handler of the account said those participating in this culture are also “degrading” Catriona’s reputation.

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⬅️ SWIPE: I’m going to say my piece, because I just can’t allow Cat to be treated this way. I think people forget all too easily how this woman braved to represent the Philippines internationally. Quick fact check here: From the moment you started following Cat, she’s always promoted or done something to help people. From the impoverished, the LGBTQ+ community to Women Empowerment, her hand was always there to reach out and raise people up. However, when you’re doing THAT PHENOMENAL in life, fame, wether unwanted or not, will come your way and with it comes a lot of unprovoked hate. However, fame also comes with people who will defend you and speak out for you. In this case, I want to express how disgusted I am with the Filipino community and it’s “chismis culture” who are participating in degrading this woman’s reputation all over social media and reducing her worth in order to stroke a man’s ego. Why are we allowing a man, who’s clearlynotoverabreakupaboutacenturyago to control our thoughts, our emotions and our actions on social media. Why do we feel the need to jump into conclusions and paint her out to be someone she’s not. Why are we we hurting someone over what A MAN❌ A BOY❌ A VERY UNSTABLE BOY✅ has to say when he’s having an erratic-crack-induced-episode on Instagram. 2 years ago, I didn’t have a voice. But because of Cat this page grew and it’s given me a platform to speak out on things that I care about, a platform which I’m absolutely going to use to defend her and aide her in situations like this. I just want you guys to remember she’s human, wether she’s a public figure or not, she has feelings too. Don’t believe everything on social media, don’t choose to believe something because you want drama, don’t insist to perceive someone in a different light because of something that you read. I know Cat, you guys know her and we know what she stands for, what she believes in. That’s what made us love her in the first place. She’ll always be our MUning and our PRIDE #CatrionaGray – PS: please report the account spreading those fabricated stories here on insta. I won’t post their @, just DM me

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Sandra left a comment on the post stating how alarming it is that some people are supporting what she has described as toxic behavior. 

The beauty queen was Catriona’s batchmate in the Miss World Philippines 2016 and Binibining Pilipinas 2018 pageants.

Seemingly referring to Clint, Sandra said it is clear that he is not in a healthy state of mind. 

“It seems like most people forget that when you are in the public eye that doesn’t mean you are not Human… that you don’t have feelings, that you are perfect,” she said. 

She added that one day, Catriona will share her side of the story and come out stronger than ever. 

“To every person that ever doubted her good intentions, accused her of things she didn’t do, I hope that you will all learn how to not judge anyone or quick to react especially when you don’t know the full story,” she ended. 

Clint made headlines this week after intriguing netizens with his cryptic posts on Instagram. 

The Filipino-German actor was on Twitter Philippines’ top trending list on Thursday as netizens expressed concern for his well-being. 

His ambiguous posts began early this week when he shared a screenshot of his direct message to Sam Milby, Catriona’s current boyfriend. 

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