Two weeks after giving birth, Max Collins is back to working out


Two weeks after giving birth, newbie mom Max Collins is already back on the workout grind!

On Instagram, the Kapuso artist shared her sentiments on staying healthy while raising a newborn.  

The actress said she was cleared by her midwife to do light workouts since she has already recovered from giving birth. She added that she owes her fast recovery to giving birth in water.

“Also, I believe a happy momma makes a happy baby, and I can only be a happy momma if my body and mind are functioning well. Let’s be kind to ourselves so we have love to give others,” she said. 

“And btw, working out isn’t just about losing weight, it’s about your overall health, it’s about your overall health, get that blood flowing and endorphins kick in,” Max added.

In another post, she shared her light workout routine. 

Her caption read: “2 weeks postpartum and we’re back at it @citadelbernardo @optionsstudiobgs starting to feel more like myself again #backtomax.”

Her friends in the showbiz industry expressed their support for the “fit momma.”

Even before giving birth, the 27-year-old was keen on exercising and staying fit. 

Max and her husband Pancho Magno welcomed their baby boy, Skye Anakin, on July 6. 

Pancho took to Instagram to express how amazed he is that his wife was able to give birth with no medications. 

He also shared a video of Max giving birth in their home. She opted for a water birth, which means the delivery of the baby takes place in water. 


Max Collins, Pancho Magno welcome their first child

Max Collins is going to be a mom!

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