Andi Eigenmann: My own fitspiration is myself



Naka-monitor si Andi Eigenmann sa kanyang post-partum body. Mahigit dalawang buwan pagkatapos manganak ng aktres sa kanyang second baby na si Lilo ay obvious na pumayat na siya.

Bukod sa pag-e-exercise ay nae-enjoy na muli niya ang pagsu-surf.

Balik na rin siya sa kanyang pescatarian diet, hindi siya kumakain ng processed carbs at unnatural sugar.

Sa kanyang Instagram stories, pinu-post ni Andi ang kanyang fitness journey. Gusto niyang i-share sa kanyang followers, lalo na sa mga mothers na tulad niya, ang kanyang workout routine at diet plan.

“I want to be sure that I am sending the right message — this is exactly why my own fitspiration is myself. Because it’s not about achieving the body that someone else has. That will never happen. It’s about achieving the best body you can give yourself. And yes, I also know that maybe I may never look this exact way again, but I remember being happy with the way I look in this pic and this isn’t even at my peak. That’s how looking at old pics of myself motivates me. I dont just see the body, I remember the feeling as well, and it excites me to feel the same way again,” share na post ni Andi.

Nag-share rin siya ng picture nina Lilo at Ellie at ayon sa aktres, ang bilis daw ng paglaki ng mga ito.

“I feel like I slept for an entire year because for some reason, I woke up today and my babies got huge! Lilo is 11 weeks old today, and well, Ellie just keeps growing by the minute.

“Anyway, Mornings at home always get more fun when Ellie has just gotten back from her dad’s. Because we are more excited to hear from eac hother than usual. The downside though is once we start talking, we’ll never finish. I love it though that she always tells me stories.

“I love her openness and honesty towards me. I hope she takes that with her till she grows older. Specially when she becomes a teen! Because I will never get tired of listening to her.

“I’d always be interested in knowing what goes on in her mind, and in her life. Whether or not it’d be something I can relate to. I hope it will be the same with Lilo too. I love how I made instant bestfriends just by giving birth.”