LOOK: Catriona Gray bares ‘selfie with pores, eyebags and all’


Catriona Gray shared a bare-faced selfie to remind her followers of their beautiful souls. 

The Miss Universe 2018 said on Sunday that her Instagram feed has been looking “made up” with all her postings from past events in her busy schedule. 

“Here’s a nofilter, sleepy, messy-haired selfie with pores, eyebags and all,” she wrote on her post. 

She continued: “Just to remind you that the skin you wake up in might not be ‘flawless’ but it houses a beautiful soul and that’s you! Happy Sunday!!”

The Filipina-Australian beauty added the hashtag #AsSheIs, an online movement to empower young women to live life unfiltered. It is also a reminder that behind every perfect photo there’s still a girl with insecurities and bad days, the movement’s website said. 

This isn’t the first time the 26-year-old participated in the movement, back in November, she shared another bare-faced selfie and proudly said that she has grown to love the skin she wakes up in (READ: Catriona Gray promotes self-love, participate in Instagram challenge.)

“I too have days where I don’t feel confident, or my insecurities are louder … but that’s okay. Loving yourself as you are is a journey, but it’s a journey worth taking,” she wrote. 

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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