LOOK: Paolo Contis shares funny photo with ‘clingy’ daughter Summer


Looks like Baby Summer doesn’t want to be separated from her dad even for a bit! 

Paolo Contis recently shared on Instagram a funny selfie photo of him with his two-year-old daughter with LJ Reyes inside the bathroom. 

The celebrity dad “ranted” at how clingy his daughter is that she has to keep him company even when he’s answering the call of nature.

“Gusto ko lang naman jumebs ng tahimik! Yung walang naka kandong sakin! Pwede ba yun??? Syempre hinde! 😂😂😂,” wrote Paolo in the caption. 

The hilarious father and daughter scene brought laughter to netizens who left mostly face with tears emojis in the comments section.

Paolo has been sharing cute and funny moments with his unica hija online. 

In a previous Instagram post, Paolo shared a photo of Summer when she stopped crying to pose for the camera. 

Lyka Nicart
Lyka Nicart
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