LOOK: Coleen Garcia shows off her baby bump


“Yung kahit buntis ka may abs ka.”

Actress Coleen Garcia is a glowing mom-to-be! The 27-year-old took to social media to show off her glorious baby bump!

Coleen is now on her 25th week of pregnancy and she’s loving her journey to becoming a mom. 

“I am in looove with my bump,” she said in an Instagram post. 

“Though the little one kicks so much it makes me kinda queasy lol I still find it so amusing and nakakakilig. Enjoying every step of this journey,” she said. 

Her post was filled with adoring comments from her celebrity friends. Some of which were surprised at how prominent her abs are despite nursing a full belly. 

Coleen and her husband Billy Crawford announced that they are expecting their first child last May 1. 

The celebrity couple took to Instagram to share the good news. 

“Been praying to God for this, and for years, the answer was ‘not yet.’ Fast forward to today, and God has blessed us in His perfect timing,” Billy said in an Instagram post. 

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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