LOOK: Female celebs do the 10-year challenge


There’s nothing better than welcoming the new decade reminiscing moments from years past. This is exactly what these female celebrities did! 

Mommy-to-be Anne Curtis shared how big a difference 10 years made! A decade ago, the actress was showing off her curves. Today, she’s on a journey towards motherhood. 

“How I ended 2009 vs how I’m ending 2019. Napadami ata kinain ko,” she joked.

Beauty Gonzales also hopped on the challenge, sharing her massive glow up within 10 years. At the start of the decade, the actress was a little heavier. Now, even as a mom, she’s enjoying her bikini body.

Meanwhile, Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray wrote a short but sweet letter for her 15-year-old self.

Catriona assured the girl from 10 years ago that her father would beat his cancer and asked her to continue being kind and patient to herself. 

“I know you’re beginning to feel the pressure of expecting to know what to do with your life. You won’t find it for a few weeks but it’s okay. But please be kind and patient with yourself,” she wrote in an Instagram post. 

“Eventually, you’ll discover work that you love that makes you feel fulfilled. And it’s nothing that you’d  expected, but it’s greater than you’ve ever, ever dreamed,” she added. 

Our Chinita Princess Kim Chiu also looked back on 2010, one of the hardest years of her life, she said. 

“2010 was was one of the hardest years for me, family, love, life. It tested me as a person that I really [didn’t] know what to do, I didn’t have my family with me yet here in Manila, only a few friends, literally sinking and just letting the water flow me to where it goes,” she recalled in an Instagram post. 

“Looking back through the years I AM truly grateful for the experience. It honed me, it made me a better me as the years passed. I’ve learned a lot, I managed to look [at] things brighter that I never thought I could,” she also said.

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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