Judy Ann Santos hits 1M YouTube subscribers


Judy Ann Santos received the iconic golden play button from video-sharing platform Youtube. The Play Buttons are meant to celebrate creators surpassing a certain number of subscribers. 

The actress announced the good news last Monday, December 23, on Instagram. In her posts on her channel’s official Instagram page, Judy Ann is seen hugging the plaque. 

She captioned one of the posts: “Happy Golden Christmas everyone! Thank you so much!!!”

In another post, she is joined by her husband Ryan Agoncillo in showing off the hard-earned Play Button. 

“@officialjuday and @ryan_agoncillo with The Gold Play Button of @judyannskitchen #JudyAnnsKitchen #JAK1M,” she wrote. 

Judy Ann started her cooking channel two years ago with a video of her making the Vietnamese banh mi.

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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