LOOK: Rodjun Cruz and Dianne Medina showcase their dream house


Days before they tie the knot, Rodjun Cruz and Dianne Medina showed off the fruits of their hardwork — their dream home. 

The couple took to Instagram to reveal their mansion-like home. 

Rodjun captioned his post: “Teamwork makes the dream work! Congrats to us my fiancé, in a few days my wife! Thank you Lord for blessing us more than we deserve.”


On the other hand, Dianne shared a video showcasing the exterior of their new home, saying that they both really worked hard at making their “first house and first investment together” possible.

The house stands on a lot that was an early wedding gift from Dianne’s parents.

“Our first House and our first investment together. Two months in search for the best contractor, one month of fixing permits, one year and six months of house construction from the ground-up and two months of furnishing the house. We both worked really really really HARRRRD for this (lahat na nang segue na pwede sa work),” she wrote on Instagram. 

“Thank you Lord for blessing us much more than we deserve. I can’t believe it! This is it!” she said. 


In a separate Instagram post, Dianne shared more photos of inside the house that they will share as husband and wife.

The actress wrote: “Thank you LORD for everything! Thank you Lord for your provision. Thank you for providing everything for us! Thank you for this beautiful home but more than this gift I ask no other reward but to love and serve you my Lord Jesus Christ! All GLORY And HONOR is YOURS! We are nothing without you Lord ?? Thank you Lord! #RjDianne ?.”


The long-time showbiz sweethearts are set to marry Saturday, December 21.

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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