LOOK: Sarah Lahbati flies to Europe for wedding dresses


Yes, you read that right. Wedding dresses.

We’re expecting nothing but chic looks from Sarah Lahbati on her wedding day. Last Saturday, the actress shared on her Instagram that she’s leaving her boys to pick up her wedding dresses from Europe.

“Left for Europe to pick up my wedding dresses for a few days without my boys! I’ll be gone for only more than a week but this will feel like a year to me LOL. Thank God for Facetime! I’m gonna miss you all so much,” she wrote.

Her wedding with actor Richard Gutierrez will be in March 2020, they recently announced on the Sunday noontime variety show ASAP. 

“We’re happy to announce that we are finally getting married in March 2020 here in Manila and we’re looking forward to that day,” Richard said. 

The celebrity couple got engaged last March 2017 in Switzerland, Sarah’s birth country.  

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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