‘Listen in silence, be present’: Gab Valenciano asks followers who know people undergoing depression


Gab Valenciano took to Instagram to share his thoughts on mental health once again. 

The dancer and mental health advocate first explained what depression really is. 

“It is defined as a severe feeling of despondency and dejection. Despondency is defined as a loss of hope, of courage. Dejection is defined as a state of gloom, disappointment and low spirits. Now combine the two and multiply it by ten, that is depression,” he explained. 

The 31-year-old shared his struggles of being diagnosed with clinical depression. 

“But then, sometimes, there is no trigger. Being clinically depressed, this is the part that I hate the most. When everything seems to be fine, then you wake up the next day feeling absolutely worthless, blind and unable to see beyond the next day,” he said. 

While he admitted that battling the illness can get exhausting, depression and one’s state of mind will never define who a person is in this world. 

“It is what you do after that fact that points you to the right, or wrong direction,” he said. 

Gab shared that he would isolate himself from time to time to regroup or recharge himself, but after some time he would surround himself again with the right people.

“This goes out to everyone who are struggling to make sense of it all at the moment. To those who seem okay on the outside, but are dying on the inside. You are not alone in this fight,” he addressed his followers. 

He also addressed those who have friends and relatives going through the same struggles. 

“If you are reading this and know people who are going through something right now, listen in silence and be present. This means more to people like me than many think, it goes a long way even,” he said. 

Despite the dark days he has been through, Gab said he is still blessed to have beautiful people in his life. 

Last October, Gab share his thoughts on mental health after he was hospitalized for one week.

If you or anyone you know is struggling with anxiety and depression, here are numbers you can call:

  • (02) 805-HOPE (4673)
  • 0917 558 HOPE (4673) and 2919
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