The internet’s favorite couple Solenn Heussaff and Nico Bolzico are celebrating four years of their cute and crazy marriage today, May 21. 

The couple both took to Instagram to share how this year’s celebration is much more different now that they are both parents to their baby girl, Thylane Katana. 

“Today marks 4 crazy years married. 9 amazing years with more ups and downs. A little more grey hair than the last. A miracle that is me and you but still way better than the two of us. A bat to stir some shit up,” she wrote. 

The actress added that soon they will view the world from baby Thylane’s eyes. 

For Nico, he was happy to say that his wife gave them a new purpose through their firstborn. 

“It has been 4 years since we agreed that #ForeverMakesSense, but this year is so much more special, it is not just us 2, but us 3 (7 if we include the animals); you gave us a new purpose in life, you gave us #TiliBolz,” he wrote. 

The Argentinian businessman humored Solenn when he likened their marriage to fitting a watermelon in a refrigerator. 

“We are far from a perfect couple, but as someone pretty smart once said: ‘If you are going to buy watermelons, make sure they fit in your fridge.’ And that pretty much summarizes everything! (The Watermelons are Thylane and the animals; the fridge is our house. Wow I love poetry),” he said. 

Nico and Solenn tied the knot back on May 21, 2016 in France. The latter gave birth to their first child Thylane Katana on January 1 this year. 

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