Miss Earth 2018 bares plans after reign

During last year’s Miss Earth pageant, Phuong Khanh did not only win the environmental-themed beauty pageant, she also won the hearts of many with her advocacies. 

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A day with hectic schedule, even with heels but i still can spend a little bit time during my break to plant some trees, you can do it. As the recent news about Amazon fire that burns huge part of the rainforest, we are losing 20% of our oxygen. Also in Angola there is a data from NASA Satellite that there were 6,902 fires and 3,395 fires to its neighboring, Democratic Republic of Congo bigger than the fire in Amazon that has 2,127. Today, as you open your Television to watch the news, listen to your radio, tap your smartphones and reading your newspaper there is this current fire in Indonesia to clear the way for agricultural operations and now it's turning the skies reddish like blood. It harmed the health of millions because of the polluted air from the fire. We are damaging our Ozone layer that leads to climate change, global warming. The Earth is on fire, our home is burning. We can still make an ACTION. The #MissEarth organization is challenging everyone to MOVE, TO ACT even in the simplest way by planting TREES particularly FRUIT BEARING TREES in your backyard. If everyone can do this, we might be able to restore the trees we lost. Start now! Take a selfie with your seedlings. Post it with these hashtags #MEandmyTree #ClimateAction #MissEarth2019 in Twitter mention @MissEarth so that we may able to see and retweet your post. #MEandmyTree #ClimateAction #MissEarth2019 #EnvironmentalCampaign

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Now that Miss Earth 2019 is drawing near Phuong expressed the bittersweet feeling of ending her reign soon. 

Miss Earth 2018 Phuong Khanh

“I feel a little bit sad because I would love to have more time just to do all the action for the environment” the Vietnamese beauty queen said at an interview during the Miss Earth 2019 press conference last October 2. 

She emphasized that passing over the crown does not mean the end for her. 

“It actually opens (up opportunities) for me to do better things and also continue my advocacy as well,” she explained. 

As her reign as Miss Earth 2018 is coming to an end, it seems that she is all set for what’s to come next. 

“I will continue all my environmental activities, but also I will take care of myself and my family as well for the business,” she said. 

Nguyen, a marketing graduate, said she plans on starting her own business in the world of food and fashion. She shared that materials for her fashion brand will be made from eco-friendly materials.

“I will open in Vietnam first, but hopefully if it’s a success, I will expand it worldwide,” she said.  

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