LOOK: Heart Evangelista goes sari-sari store shopping


Heart Evangelista is not just a shopaholic for luxury goods. The actress caught netizens’ hearts after she took on a sari-sari challenge for her followers. 

On an Instagram video, Heart bought her favorite snacks and even treated some of the people at the sari-sari store to the treats they wanted. 

While she was sari-sari shopping, the Kapuso star sported a pink silk ensemble and yellow heels. 

 The 37-year-old took on the challenge when one of her followers asked her to try it.

“Challenge accepted! Sari sari store shopping! and saya saya! Brings back my childhood memories,” she wrote in the caption. 

Recently, Heart has been well-loved on social media for her cute and funny videos on Instagram or Tiktok. 

The social media darling recently taught her fans the key to guilt-free shopping. In a fun video, she advised her fans to buy gifts for their partners when their shopping. 

“Balancing act – pag gumastos ka for yourself need mo din gift asawa mo para di ka pagalitan!” she joked. 

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Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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