‘God doesn’t make mistakes’: Denise Laurel on getting fat-shamed

Denise Laurel has always been open with criticisms regarding her weight. The actress admitted there was a point in her life when the “fat-shaming” really affected her. 

In an interview with Boy Abunda, she opened up about how Filipinos greet each other with a mention of their weight change. “In our culture, that’s usually how we greet each other, if I’m being honest. It’s the first thing people say,” she said. 

Denise continued on to share about her Instagram post last December. In the post, the 32-year-old actress recounted how someone called her fat but she remained unbothered. 

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Someone called me fat at work yesterday!:) i love that I’m not even trippin about it:) i love n understand me! yes I’m curvy! On my normal days 34c-25-37 (cause da booty 😂) and the abs are poppin for no reason;) on my best days my waistline gets even smaller sometimes if everything is in sync i go back to my 23.5 waist! And i still look fat! yesss i know when u are curvy u are one wrong angle , one wrong outfit, one burger away from looking fat.. bla bla bla or whatever thats salty haha (i dont process salt n sugar very well so i can retain your to 10lbs of water LIkE NOW) but we curviez sure do look good in the buff!! Lol haha Jk! Also in our country the range is pretty small it’s either u are stick thin or u FAT gurl! Haha while some people inject their bodies for curves haha Lately it’s not that i dont care..THIS IS ME! I’ve been so patient x understanding with myself! I understand what my job needs i understand what patience i need for myself as well aand ofcourse discipline 🙄 (so hard) lol i understand why Im bloated why i got a little cuteness around my cheeks n my nose is more button than Pinocchio haha i know I’m not fat lol.. i remind myself this medicine I’m taking for my pcos makes me sleepy, super bloated, makes me hungry gives me zits+headaches.. when Im tired i don’t force a workout.. if I’m hungry lately i eat! (still not unhealthy..ish lol) Haha Im all good with it cause i knw i have a masta plan! Ur body is constantly changing! That’s why i ain’t even trippin cause i know this is just a transition n break for myself on this fitness journey..its all about health for me! Mental, spiritual, physical! So u gotta keep those stress levels down..choose what to trip on haha if not dont trip on anythin if kaya mo lol! But I am excited for this last month of meds to end :)then it’s go time/shred time /fasting prayer time! till then lets enjoy this extra me for some extra hugs! Some extra love haha IM NOT POSTING THIS CAUSE I FEEL BAD OR FOR COMMENTS BUT TO SHARE ladies and gents LOVE URSELF no matter where u are! Specially in those transition periods! That’s the time u need it the most:) LOVE OTHERS in transition! hugs everyone!! Squishy hugs!

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“I love (and) understand me! Yes, I’m curvy,” she wrote in the post. 

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ETO NA ENTRY KO! LOL Jk!!! Kidding aside.. This decade has been a decade of love and growth for me.. a decade of motherhood!! a decade of resilience in everything!!! I’m not going to magically wake up in the new decade as a brand new person.. I’m no where near where i wanna be! I’m comin in this new era with all of me! all the battle scars (a c-section n cellulite lol jk not physical) all the lessons , knowing all the things i need to grow more in,More presence!! as cheesy as it sounds I’m comin into 2020 with 2020 vision.. raw/real, renewed in my hope by the grace of God, refreshed in love for all people and situations..ready to work even harder to accept and adjust with patience and understanding for myself and others.. not running or hiding ..unafraid to see what’s undesirable to most or ugly to many, unafraid to face and deal with the past and find beauty and compassion in all of the above! this decade has been beautifully tough and i wouldn’t change it a bit.. (God is in the hard times too!) I’m coming into the new decade arms wide open for more! More of God! More of His plan and less of mine! More of life! More of love! More joy! More of the simple things in life..savoring time! more of stepping out of my comfort zone! more of the people who are truly there for me n my son and more helping others…more of being a better mother:) i appreciate you all and hope u can keep me in your prayers please that i may be able to take on all those dreams and goals! Let’s pray for each other for more grace towards one another! More strength to be there for each other. I’d like to share that These are the days to create ur legacy! Ur legacy lives on in the pcs of urself that u leave with everyone and you are nothing but the legacy you leave behind! You have greatness within u and i pray for u that u celebrate and share it!!! Here’s to new days with you guys! Cheers to u! Love and light! Thankyou to everyone who has been apart of life so far!!! Happy new year! P.s. sorry bout all the typos can’t write to save my life lol!

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“THIS IS ME! I’ve been so patient x understanding with myself! I understand what my job needs. I understand what patience I need for myself as well and of course discipline,” Denise added. 

She clarified she did not write the post because she felt bad for the unsolicited comment, it was a reminder for her followers to love themselves, especially when their bodies are changing. 

Denise said in her interview that people should be sensitive with regards to calling out a person’s weight. 

“I wanted to show people that we have to be sensitive to one another and at the same time, love who you are, don’t compare. Everybody has a different mold. God doesn’t make mistakes in the way he creates you and what’s different about you, that’s gonna make you stand out.”

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