Cebu City shoe store’s 11.11 sale stopped after drawing huge crowd violating health protocols

From “grand opening” to “grand closing” real quick?

A shoe store in Cebu City failed to hold its 11.11 sale on its grand opening as authorities ordered its temporary closure after drawing at least 1,000 individuals who didn’t observe social distancing.

The Freeman, the Philippine Star’s Cebu-based sister publication, reported on Wednesday that a huge crowd gathered in front of a shoe store on Sanson Road in Barangay Lahug to avail of its “3 for 998 super sale”.

Police later arrived at the area to disperse the crowd and ordered the store’s indefinite closure for failing to control the influx of buyers who disregarded social distancing protocols.

“We had a dialogue with the owner and we instructed them to temporarily close the store for the crowd to disperse,” said Police Major Randy Caballes, the Cebu City Police Office Intelligence Branch chief, in a press conference.

Aside from health protocol violations, the management is also facing charges for failing to secure a business permit from the Department of Trade and Industry. 

Before police dispersed the crowd, the store manager said that they would now be scheduling shoppers’ visit, limiting the number of people to 150 a day.

The management also planned to hold the super sale in a bigger venue such as a gymnasium.

He also promised that the sale would be extended from one week to one whole month to accommodate all buyers wanting to avail of their promo.

Caballes, on the other hand, reminded business owners: “This event is a warning to all other establishments that when they conduct sale, they should have a basic plan and coordinate first with the local police for the control of crowd,” said Caballes. 

As of Tuesday, November 10, the Department of Health recorded just 13 new COVID-19 cases in Cebu City from being a COVID-19 hotspot a few months ago. 

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